Malapropism #1: The Coup D’Etat


Given that my blog’s tagline mentions malapropisms, it seems only logical I recount my favorite one of all time:

My second-cousin Edward used to work for the Borough of Queens as some type of engineer (civil or industrial), and one Monday an older pompous coworker of his returned from a week in the Poconos.

“The food was outstanding, Edward. They served escargot baked in butter as an appetizer, a Cesar salad mixed at our table – and then the coup d’état:


I don’t remember what came with the ham, maybe a mélange of crudités or baby carrots with stems. And I imagine the ham was something more sophisticated than the photo (no disrespect to Mr. Ducke – sophisticated doesn’t correlate to better, and I love pineapple).

But Edward and I laughed about that one for a long time…

Photo Credit: Mr. Ducke

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