Ebook: How 5 Enterprise Companies Maintain Optimal Performance in their .NET Environments

Founded in 2008, AppDynamics is an industry-leading APM (Application Performance Management) vendor that specializes in monitoring and managing dynamic applications and services. Its customers include such well-known companies as Cisco, Sony, Kraft, OpenTable, and Texas.gov, among many others.

I’ve written several ebooks for AppDynamics, including this posted sample, which delineates how five very different companies use AppDynamics to effectively manage application performance in modern-day Microsoft-based environments that incorporate Microsoft’s .NET framework and Azure public cloud solution.

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Whitepaper: Top 5 Benefits From Incorporating Factory Manufacturing Sustainability Initiatives

Early this year I wrote a white paper for Aptean titled Top 5 Benefits From Incorporating Factory Manufacturing Sustainability Initiatives. This 50,000-foot overview on the benefits of sustainable practices delineated five (of course) reasons why manufacturers should consider implementing sustainability initiatives in the production process.

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Blog Posts: MSP Information & Tips for StorageCraft

StorageCraft Technology Corporation provides disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, primarily for MSPs (Managed Service Providers). I’ve been working as a brand journalist for StorageCraft, writing weekly blog posts for the company since January 2014. My posts are geared toward MSPs seeking out advice and best practices on topics like backup strategies, testing, and deduplication, among other things.

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Profile & Case Study: INetU and BMW of North America

I wrote an INetU case study “Hosting With Horsepower” for Processor Magazine in 2011. INetU thought my piece so effectively captured its corporate essence that its marketing team now uses the piece as its showcase company profile!

INetU Case Study: Hosting with Horsepower (PDF)

INetU Case Study Link

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Cloud Blogging With Zenoss

I have been writing guest posts for Zenoss’ blog for about nine months. For the most part I focus on cloud-centric topics like Automatic Provisioning, Service Assurance and most recently, DevOps. Zenoss calls itself The Cloud Management Company, describing its offerings as such: Zenoss was founded in 2005 to address the challenges of operating and […]