Looking at Match Game ‘7x, Part 3a: Memory Goosed

My Facebook Match Game Super Match post for January 26, 2012 was:[1] I wasn’t surprised at such perennial responses as “Mother,” or millennial ones as “Grey.” [2] But I was nonplussed that not a single friend from childhood (or who happened to be in California in the 1970s) had posted what I thought was the […]

Looking at Match Game ‘7x, Part 2: Passing Through the Future

Not surprisingly, the official $500 response for: was “Diamond Ring,” an evergreen answer if there ever was one. According to Gemnation and a couple of other sources, the De Beers catchphrase, “A diamond is forever,” has been around since Frances Gerety of ad agency N.W. Ayer & Son launched it in 1947. That was 65 […]

Looking at Match Game ‘7x, Part 1: Matching Up Time

Every few years or so, I DVR old Match Game ’7x episodes from GSN to watch while I eat lunch, and recently I started taking photos of the “Audience Match” portion of the “Super Match” round. After the contestant with the most celebrity matches prevailed, host Gene Rayburn, with his skinny microphone, bid the loser […]