Robyn WeismanI’m a second-generation Los Angeles native (which to some Hollywood residents seems the equivalent of having had relatives on the Mayflower), born at what is now the headquarters of the Church of Scientology. After growing up in the San Fernando Valley, I earned a BA in American Studies from Stanford University and then an MFA in Screenwriting from USC.

My love for technology first flickered when my maternal grandfather traded a shipment of eel skin purses for a gold-plated digital watch. A few years later he brought us an Arcade Pong cabinet under dubious circumstances, and that flicker burst into a flame.

I started writing about technology as a way to support myself after film school. After covering the commerce angle for several years, I turned my focus to the enterprise IT side of the industry to help less technical executives understand what underpinned their operations. It’s since become a mission of mine to make topics like cloud computing and unified communications accessible to anyone who isn’t privy to the jargon that too often engulfs them.

I live in Los Angeles with my partner of 15 years and our two dogs. When I’m not writing, you can find me hiking in my local canyon or driving my 1964 Ford Falcon Country Squire station wagon around town.