Why Me?

I can tell your story.

After earning a Screenwriting MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from USC, I spent the next 15 years working as a journalist for such well-known technology and business trade publications as Variety, Processor Magazine, and Law Technology News. I know how to ask people the right questions and craft concise, compelling narratives, either under my name – or yours!

I bring you credibility.

Several of my company profiles and case studies have been repurposed as marketing material for the companies I featured. My talent for telling a story that transcends the bare-metal facts of who, what, why, when, and where has given these companies the credibility that too often is missing in generic marcom content. I show your business in a positive light — without having to resort to fluff.

I don’t forget the human element.

You design complex solutions to solve complex business and technology challenges. Yet, as IT goals converge with business ones, you need someone who sees the human spark that brought about your creation and who can convey your passion to your prospects.

Let’s work together.

Am I the best content writer for your needs? Let’s find out. Give me a call at (323) 693–2693 or send me an email.

You’re under no obligation to hire me. But you may be eager to do so once you hear more about the unique perspective and enthusiasm I can bring to your marketing efforts.

Shy? Go ahead and check out some samples of my work. I want you to feel confident that I’m the perfect pinch hitter for your company before you put me in the batter’s box.