Zenoss Core Community Newsletter

I wrote several articles for the Zenoss Core Community Newsletter. Because open source communities tend to be a little less buttoned down than corporate sites, I was able to write in a looser, more playful fashion than I typically do.

My favorite of these articles is The Server is Down but Google Where is the Server, where I used an apocryphal company specializing in black velvet Elvis paintings called “Velvis” to describe the utility of Zenoss Core’s Google Maps Portal.

I also wrote an overview of several featured “ZenPacks,” which are plugins for the Zenoss Core architecture, a how-to article on finding these and other ZenPacks, and a class-notes style update of goings-on in the Zenoss Core community.

You can click on the above links to read these posts online or click on the PDFs below:

Zenoss Community Newsletter: Zenoss Google Maps Portlet

Zenoss Community Newsletter: Featured Community ZenPacks

Zenoss Community Newsletter: How To Find That ZenPack You Never Knew You Wanted

Zenoss Community Newsletter: Q3 Zenoss Community Notes

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