Looking at Match Game ’7x, Part 3b: Aqua Net, Man!

What’s the first thing you think of when you see this on the board?

Aqua Blank Super Match Board

My immediate response was (and yes, I do talk out loud to my TV) Aqua Marine and then Aqua Man. The former answer came from my childhood fascination with birthstones and rocks (no Pokemon back then), the latter because my brother Greg spent most of his allowance money on comic books and action figures.

The top three answers on the board were very much of the era:

Aqua Blank Answers

When my first Facebook friend posted “Velva,” I smacked my head (lightly, for the sake of drama). How could I have forgotten the Aqua Velva Man?

I mean, catchy melody, Pete Rose (even if the Cincinnati Reds were the Dodgers’ hated rivals), Mel from Alice?

Maybe it was because, as much as I loved sports back then, my dad used Gillette (“The best a man can get”), and my mom used Aqua Net. And even though it wasn’t the first thing that popped in my head, I still wish it had gotten the nod over Lung.

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