Cloud Blogging With Zenoss

I have been writing guest posts for Zenoss’ blog for about nine months. For the most part I focus on cloud-centric topics like Automatic Provisioning, Service Assurance and most recently, DevOps. Zenoss calls itself The Cloud Management Company, describing its offerings as such: Zenoss was founded in 2005 to address the challenges of operating and […]

On Losing a Gem

On Sunday, I lost one of my best Match Game Super Match players and one of my favorite people. My friend Damien Bona, the only player to answer Jim Brady for: died of complications from cardiac arrest, just a couple of months before his 57th birthday. If you were defining “heart” as something more than […]

Looking at Match Game ‘7x, Part 2: Passing Through the Future

Not surprisingly, the official $500 response for: was “Diamond Ring,” an evergreen answer if there ever was one. According to Gemnation and a couple of other sources, the De Beers catchphrase, “A diamond is forever,” has been around since Frances Gerety of ad agency N.W. Ayer & Son launched it in 1947. That was 65 […]