Profile & Case Study: INetU and BMW of North America

I wrote an INetU case study “Hosting With Horsepower” for Processor Magazine in 2011. INetU thought my piece so effectively captured its corporate essence that its marketing team now uses the piece as its showcase company profile!

INetU Case Study: Hosting with Horsepower (PDF)

INetU Case Study Link

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Case Study: SimpleSignal and Edgewater Networks

Edgewater Networks makes solutions that connect, monitor, and secure IP-based audio and video communications for service providers and enterprises. I wrote this case study for the company to show how its ability to provide VoIP services “from the ground up,” as well as seamlessly integrate with legacy PBX systems made it the best choice for cloud-based UC (Unified Communications) provider Simple Signal.

Original PDF: Edgewater Networks Case Study [Read more]

Case Study: Dechert Trades Help Desk for Keno Kozie

I originally wrote this case study for Law Technology News. Keno Kozie liked it enough to repurpose it for its own IT Insights magazine.

Original PDF: “Dechert Trades Help Desk for Keno Kozie”

Mike Shannon says that efficiency has been a priority since he started his tenure as Dechert CIO a decade ago. For example, Shannon says that Dechert uses videoconferencing more than most law firms. “We do about 200 multipoint video conferences per month, and it makes sense because our lawyers might have to be in three different places in a given day,” Shannon says… [Read more]